Ladle within the sound as well as the impression fed side effects of United states films «Curse of the devil» disregard intended for audiences beneath the dream scary.

«Curse of the devil» footage monolith in the montage primitive like a television report Glen, owner
 Maher Al Khaja wanted to make work justifies through entitlement certificate of appreciation in the previous edition of the Gulf Film Festival, considering himself the first to introduce an Arab horror experience under the name «Fifth Chamber, Antoine Touma» , ladle in the sound and the image transmitted effects of American movies, however sleazy scenario wanted to infuse fear and panic in the audience, came laughter sarcastic automatically making the second attempt comic scenes silly positions increased from superficiality bad photography and cutting unjustified and generate a reaction involved in the work to convince the public that What they are seeing the truth and is not a representation.

Many contradictions

Maher Al Khaja exit young man living many contradictions, began his offering of fashion, the field of television programs entered through him out of the program «falconry» heritage, loves impersonating pop singer Michael Jackson investor great similarities between them in the face and body shape as some call him b «Jackson Arabs», broke into the world of singing under a pseudonym «Mehri» made with Omani girl immersed Kulaib titled «more Melian», does not hide his passion for the world of superstition and obsessed with horror films in form and substance.

From this background, his style and his desire to be different, taking the mankind and jinn conflict input to the establishment of the so-called (Fifth Chamber Series) pattern appears, put forward last year by «Fifth Chamber, Antoine Touma» and continue them this year his new job «curse of Satan» which extended to 106 minutes.

Before Maher Al Khaja enters the Tatrut «curse of the devil» wanted to confer an aura himself, including typed papers with him and recorded by television cameras, alluding to the vindictive media who hates another where the other world and this area who work in it I do not know specifically why out of him this The result, comes what he called the scariest actually where the descent continues addresses and names to participate in the work in English, despite the fact that the Arab offer and come out with him just what his transfer of footage and effects, and the cries of them and shot the Hebrew language show.

Red Island

In propaganda scenes from the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah dribble talk about the red island that people abandoned and become desolate and the remains of houses and tales about housing Gin, and this place events begin advertising through «falconry» program offered by presenter Ivan Zubaidi for the death of filmmaker Maher Al Khaja what causes shock for each who knows, especially deer Abdullah heroine previous film, and you feel that it is their duty to know the truth about his death and the disappearance of three of the work with the crew in heavy and slow scenes release the circumstances of the incident, deer find videos left Khaja in his room Troy storming and his remote island to learn the secret details Satan gate.

Action Script and cornered the idea of ​​hate and malice of some workers in the television and Khaja who helped them to achieve fame, as it shows their desire to buy the recorded tapes of his trip to the island of red and demanding his friends to stop research and silence, ignoring the causes of his death.

Technical loopholes

With deer, long and tedious tricky journey begins on the streets and houses destroyed the feared everyone they Gin, afraid of stones and throw them at each other, entangled in the one place where everything is similar to trying to Khaja (without hiring a dramatic blending images of the remains of the bodies and faces distorted out of the ground with music and effects), payment of the public to fear, terror, and the result is more laughter and guffaws.

Can not find the viewer (center fabricating positions naive and dialogue that comes out of the limits of literature are deleted flat and the way clips chase and running), the difficulty in discovering artistic and intellectual gaps that led to the feeling that the work is incomplete, and does not have any cinematic language, but sometimes exceed ABCs escalation schedule of the event, other than the mistakes that had to be drawn to it like, the minaret of the mosque and the software in the workplace suggests that for the committee, or when the resort deer to escape from the deserted island drove Vttoagd another car without justification for the position, in addition to the image of Indians nudes as they ride the air conditioning in home and its implications, and other things emphasizes random shooting without reference to written screenplay.

Rush work

It is clear that there is urgent in regard to this work, despite Astgrabi of its budget, which reached 600 thousand dirhams, unlike the English translation errors and commissioned filmmaker 5 thousand dirhams, camera imaging that appear dark its focus amid the dim light area during night photography, in addition to What is Moved from music and footage from other horror movies without notice or permission, which is an important element must be on the jury draw the attention of filmmakers him as essential in the evaluation.

Raising the issue

Overall this work it was possible to have a film acceptable if less of his time and try director not underestimate the minds of the people and bring the issue adds to the orientation of the terror that sought, and the development of touches is Matherath without the use of transfer, and modern technology Intrusive advanced paid to this area to prospects make fantasy incarnate and exciting and not, as we've seen distorted and Mmsokha and naive.
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