Michael Jackson Arabs Maher Al Khaja guest of honor the memory of the late Michael Jackson concert

Maher Al Khaja winning the title of Michael Jackson Arabs since 2009, the guest of honor the memory of the late Michael Jackson concert, which was held in 2015 on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi and has been Achtzafah Maher Al Khaja like Arab, which represents the Arab world in concert with the world-like Navi, which represents the late Michael Jackson as it is known that there are 40 similar to Michael Jackson legend who have been accredited by formally by the family of Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson's Loyalty to the site of Michael Jackson, the official, who under the direction of his administration, and has been Tlguib Maher Al Khaja Bjascon Arabs not professionally or technically, but near the similarities form without undergoing any cosmetic operations, where before acceptance and designation similar to Michael Jackson the person to undergo the tests with an ad hoc committee to decide the extent of convergence formal, and since 2009 and Khaja represents Michael Jackson in many events and concerts public and private normalize in the late superstar Michael Jackson was his debut as Michael Jackson Arabs Japan channel in a report titled Michael desert in 2009 and was filmed Khaja over the four days, the first Arab Loyalty he suffered two songs of his songs on Channel World

The Alagneatan imagination and Melian more reason the great similarities between Khaja and Michael and through this analogy Khaja not seeking to be Michael Jackson, but intense love for Michael Jackson late to make the use of outer shape of the continuity of the memory of Jackson and through this ceremony the goal is to remind people to the most important achievements and successes this artist how much he does from his role as Michael similar opportunity for each audience and loving Miakl taking pictures, especially as the anniversary of the Ttzh him the opportunity to take pictures with the global growth memorabilia Jackson.
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