Maher Al Khaja: «Secrets graves» contains scenes but not prohibited for those under 18

«I do not live a bad mood, it has become more conciliatory with the self, because I made ​​what I believe in (the secrets of the graves), withdrew from the film festival Gulf Film Festival, to make sure that the current conditions in the UAE does not allow viewing now, but I will continue the pattern of creativity , even if I had to show some of my work abroad, which are currently, it will be presented at the Festival (New York Film Festival) in September ». This is a statement for the first director of the UAE Maher Al Khaja, who confirmed for «Emirates Today» received explicit threats, after the Vandals smashed his car, a link that reaction mass angry, I understood the film messages are false.In parallel, enough writing young director or name his latest address, to be accessible to the impression that there is a general state of public discontent about the film, which has not been disclosed fully, but especially media professionals display, but the director was keen to leak several scenes from across the site «YouTube», gave the impression that he is filled with hot scenes is accepted UAE screen, as well as what has been regarded as a distortion of the image of a man of religion, and bad publicity for the UAE community, by focusing on the issues of child rape, and incest by a cleric. bold decision explained Khaja it took before the film directed by a bold decision, which address a number of The most important societal issues. He said that «the story realistic, but almost repeated in turning it into a phenomenon, there are large numbers of girls have been infected contract psychological result of harassment or habitual rape of a family member to them, something that also applies to children, without forgetting similar incidents have occurred, such as the case known as «child feast», etc., and when portrayed that of practicing immorality with his daughter as a man of religion fake, you draw a warning from the clergy counterfeiters or hypocrites message, and some of those who exploit religion, and they are few, but they are very dangerous to the community, because they invest trust around them Ptdenhm, to the extent that by the police was blocked for daughter because of blind trust men belong to a religion, and the last of them innocent. » He Khaja «The number of visitors to the official sites on the channel that you created mediated« YouTube »20 million, and this confirms the fact that (the secrets of the graves) is the first film a success before it is displayed, but the most important success is that it will also become the first movie Emirati displays in New York, it asked the organizing committee of the festival four copies of the film to be displayed in four role of the different display, then I will go to «UK Film» Festival in Britain In November, to be the latest offers him this year in the month of December, in the movies Canada Film Festival, as well as I have received offers from several companies to show the film in both Egypt and Algeria and others ». exclusion deeply disappointed, troubleshooting «Secrets graves» considered it encounters excluded and marginalized in the media deliberately not allowed to discuss and refute the long list of charges, which also suffered and family work, adding «has been accused of being that we are a group of worshipers of demons, or that we are backed by the US and Israel to tarnish the image of Islam and attack him, to the extent that I felt with him that the personal safety has become at risk, especially after the Tjaozatna threats and went to my mother, and some went to the promotion that I became a list of those barred from leaving the country, pave the way for legal action against me, what made ​​me do baptized to travel in order to refute this claim only ». And about the story of the film, Khaja says he became agitated after that and it relates to one of the real characters, adding: «work longer socially religiously in a series of horror films that began Pfilma (Fifth Chamber), and (the curse of Satan), but (the secrets of the graves) is directed the largest of the West, in payment exhibition against linking Islam with terrorism cases after the events of September 11, by differentiating between the Muslim and Islam pretend ». He Khaja: «social story revolves around two sisters died mother after discovering that her husband used to rape one of her daughters, which cast a shadow over the girl that distorted psychologically habitual her father raped her, I left Islam after he matured and started humiliating Underworld, but the other model Orient remains representative In her sister, which represents a model for the correct understanding of Islam and Taalmih ». Khaja surprised at the film distortion of the UAE community considered, adding: «events of the film shows that the British mother daughters, and their father of one of the Arab nationalities, despite the fact that my major is the largest and sacrificed in a scene detract from the call pastor US to burn the Koran, as well as the conclusion of the film, which confirms the clear message that we warn those who do not think in the torment of the graves, and written confirmation directly demonstrates that we are not attacking the Islamic religion as much as deny charges of blind terrorism, and the exploitation of some cloak for orbits Soaouath intellectual and behavioral illnesses ». About about the movie and the uproar which followed: affirmed film director «Secrets graves», Maher Al Khaja, who has been roundly criticized, since uncovered footage from the film «YouTube» pages, the film already contains scenes he described as «semi-pornographic», but added, There are movies Saudi similar exposure at festivals, and lags far behind what is being produced for the cinema, and portrays the TV show. He admitted Khaja he sought to reach «fanfare», serving commercial purposes of the film, adding: «real story of the film, monitors lady suffering named Sylvia, supervised herself on film scenes, suffered almost daily for the rape of her father, since reaching its tenth year, until it reaches the age of 18, to become sick psyche is capable of dealing with men, but after completing the follow-up filming the move a lawsuit against her father ». and booed the director who has served the public earlier periods of Tqms figure of the late Michael Jackson, attack other heroine film Nadine Cheetah, Because of the scenes that he described as «semi-pornographic», adding: «The Cheetah role that daughter that deviated then to become a girl the night, and has been engaged in the activity of one sex and underworld networks, and the terms of art was natural to be naked on that vein that appeared in the the film. » He Khaja: «confirms my success (out of state), is the company producing the Universal American film approval (supernatural) for giving me the right to portray an Arabic version has, and will be Nadine Cheetah also heroine President, but this time I do not blame work any social messages ».
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