Maher Al Khaja .. Jackson Arabs »with Omani girl

Many contradictions experienced by young Maher Al Khaja director between him out of the program alsaqqara »heritage which has achieved remarkable success in the first edition of the Dubai screen for racing», and his passion for filmmaking capping him film the fifth room »which was introduced in the Gulf Film Festival, and also concerns governed confirmed by the saw Mottagmassa Personal pop singer of the late Michael Jackson, led to a deviation from television and film to the world of singing under a pseudonym output is Mehri »across Duo» with Omani girl immersed called Moza Khamis is Melian Aktar »currently presents the channel Star UAE.Who are you in all of these characters? Question will not be different from interviews Khaja, who confirmed to Emirates Today »that the departure of Michael Jackson's real was once hard for him, before I Maher Al Khaja separates, a young Emirati, Remaster output and love to sing, which prompted me to it in the first place great similarities which binds me Jackson investment, who has made ​​many Alqpununa Jackson Arabs ». He pointed out that it does not raise Hfazth, adding a personal Jackson Tqmust build on the many features in the features of physical and specifications that I have numerous him, that the pop star has become a people Otlbsa live with me; so the title can be logically and also important in achieving good publicity for my lyrics ». stances launched Khaja Clips Melian Aktar »balloon examination is not quite sure of the public's reaction to the new Theme» and heading to sing primarily, he chose to rely on the song on the alternative name on the advice of a friend who suggested it be that the alternative is (Mehri), adding up requests clock to the channel (Star) to re-broadcast the song on the clock, and the requests of many satellite channels to obtain a copy of it, but I signed a contract exclusivity aired on (stars) for a month , while commending those close to me on the song, but some of them also warned me that attracts me hobby singing away from the output world. » In terms of the most prominent positions that spinned similarities Jackson, Al Khaja said strikes me a lot of passers-by before Jackson's death in order to pick up a souvenir photo and get my signature I was thinking that the American star, which is what makes me sometimes overlook your statement at the outset that I am not a mean, before Ostazb those positions that have become good at plot through the use of a personal escort staff as well as the use of Balbsh similar to those famous by Jackson ». the departure of pop star it was the night of a milestone in the life of Al Khaja, where he happens to accidentally Grand Hyatt cinema to watch a full-Jackson body which was not Khaja world news of his departure, foreign films, which caused the population of many moviegoers who were mainly members of the Western and Indian communities, without that delivers chased him with their cars that arrived in Dubai Marina, according to his account. Dio » and about Melian Aktar »The reason for its cooperation with the Omani girl does not exist on the Square Gulf song basically, Khaja said was a surprise for all of know me that the song is the development of color popular Gulf, despite the fact that Everyone was expecting that I in the event of an intrusive this area will perform Luna Western purely, so I preferred to be shaped in the context of (Duo) and found that the banana is the best for him ». , said Khaja, who gave a television and film directorial experiments found an echo luck and a lot of technical observations about reality Arabic song now »lacks Arabic song day after day, a lot of components, while the tradition of Western-style does not come often faithful. For example, a lot of Arab singers submit their works in concerts by (playoff PAC) which indicates that the Stander singer on the stage does not by singing fact, using previously been logged into the studio and not in front of the audience, the more like a trick position, while the Western-style playoff buck »just depends on what might be called the offer singing on the stage, which accompany the singing movements representative on the stage does not allow the artist to submit a song in the form required due to the speed of inhalation and exhalation process of the excess movement ». He said he became convinced that he must pay more focus on his directorial debut, stressing at the same time that it would provide other songs through video clips future without that up to the point of asking integrated album, he does not want to impose my voice on the art scene, and Satgob with loyal advice, who assured me that there is a local need for my abilities as a director, while replete Square Tarab tens UAE names ». Source Emirates Today
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